Stage 1, Grade 3, Er/Pr+, Her-2 Negative Cancer Gal


First post ever!:) Diagnosed May 1 with Stage 1 breast cancer. Have had to remove cancer...the other to make clearer margins on a DCIS discovered. Due to my young age and the stage 3(poorly differentiated)... They have sent a specimen for Oncotype testing. I know I will definitely need radiation and hormone therapy (estrogen 97% favor and progestin 75%).... But this test will help decide whether I need chemotherapy or not. Is anyone else out there at the the same stage and grade, etc?! If so....did you need chemotherapy? Any input would be appreciated. :)


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  • Im not in the same situation, or have been, but im hoping everything goes well. The crazy ride on hormones is bad, but you sound like you have a good team:)
    When i had my mood swings, i had to learn to meditate, even if it means removing yourself physically. I would repeat to myself "My mind. My body.".
    Any questions?!:)
  • Thanks so much for a response! I do feel like I have a great team...whether it be family and friends as well as my team of doctors. It's just such a rollercoaster from the very beginning....4 biopsies, two surgeries to only just hearing chemo may be an option. It was such a surprise because it seemed as though I had 'the best cancer to have' if you had to have cancer at all. At least until they discovered it was grade 3. I'll find out next week whether chemo is necessary...I'll do whatever it takes to make myself better for the long haul. Sorry to hear about the mood swings...I've been meditating since 2010 so I hope it continues to help you..lots a great tool! Wishing you all the very best!!!:)
  • If you lived by me, id say we need to go to the mall! I love your positivity and well being!
  • Awww.... Thank you so much! Hugs!
  • I stage three had full mastectomy with lymph node removalI. Lymph was positive w cancer as well as uncontained . Supposed to have four months of very strong chemo taxatier an gemz something at same time. The first treatment after about 13 days lost all my hair . As long as I kept up with my zophran an took xtr steroids an pain meds the second wasn't as bad . The first was really horrible site affects. Very very weak an sick but managed to keep working which was a mistake it made it so,much harder. If you can stay home an rest it be a lot easier. I had to stop my treatment because I couldn't work an continue an I chose work an home an food. Am supposed to go for 6 weeks of radiation one treatment everyday for six weeks. Am afraid an not sure about this. If any one has had plz let me no how it is am very afraid after the chemo. My self. Thanks for any advice.

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