My Own Support Group of Sorts

Hey all,

My name is Alec, I'm 22, and I was diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma like 5 or 6 weeks ago. I have been getting treatment since then. Just finished cycle 2 out of 4 and feeling good that I'm 50% done* :)

The reason I am posting is because I have taken solace in streaming myself playing video games and talking to viewers about my cancer if they are curious or are also cancer survivors just looking for someone who understands. So if you like video games and want to watch me suck at them, stop by my twitch channel @ and say hello! If you also like to play video games and have an xbox one or pc (steam), I will happily friend you and play with you and talk to you etc. etc. Something to consider if you want an alternative way to connect with someone on a deep level while still shootin' the shit (pun intended) as if nothing were awry. 

If you aren't familiar with twitch but wanna check it out anyway, create a free account, head over to my channel, click the follow button, and elect whether or not you want to be informed via email when I 'go live' (when I start streaming). If you do decide to get an email or push notification (on your phone if you have the app, which is actually quite nice if you want to know right away) then just pop by and say hi! I'd love to meet as many people as are interested in this and hear their stories if they are willing to share. I've been in a strange place as far as coping goes and this has been helping a lot - it might just be my inner nerd, i'm warning you now, but who knows? It could be helpful to you too.

Hope to see some of you guys soon :)


*if you want to know more of the gritty details about this asterisk, simply ask me while I'm streaming or send me a pm here