Something I'm trying out

Hi Everyone,
I'm Katelyn and I'm a Hodgkin's survivor. I'm also a screenwriter and filmmaker. So basically, I'm like everyone you know in LA that's not an actor. Except for the whole having cancer thing.

I have recently (yesterday to be accurate) started writing a blog about what it is like to be a survivor in what should have been the prime years of my life. I didn't do a lot of writing about my experience with cancer as it was happening, which is something I kind of regret not doing. So now as I approach my two year diagnosis anniversary, I've decided to spend at least the next year or so reflecting on everything that I went through as I hit the anniversaries. I like to write retrospectively because I feel that's the only way to really deconstruct things. Thank goodness I have a great memory!

Please let me know what you think, I would really appreciate some insight. Also, if you have any ideas for topics, that would be great too. I want the blog to be about going through treatment as much as it will be about going back out into the world (job, relationships, physical appearance, energy etc). 

Thanks Everybody!