26/m/D.C. long-time crohns, colorectal cancer

Hi there, My name's Frank. I have had crohn's disease since I was 10 years old, moved around a lot growing up, been living in Richmond VA for the last 8 years. My colonoscopy in august showed dysplasia, and I went into the ER last month and long story short had surgery to find extensive cancer in my abdomen, stage 4 colorectal. I never thought cancer would be something I would 'get' & of course am kicking myself a bit for not getting another scope sooner this year. I'm currently in the middle of my first chemo infusion, have had my cancer profiled & luckily I'm 'not a mutant' as my doc says, which is a very good thing I'm told in terms of available treatments and prospects. Anyway, this is pretty isolating as I was just in a very transitional stage of life and didn't have much going on responsibility wise (looking to move, job seeking). 
My main passions are gaming and community management & eSports in particular. I studied IT networking in community college.
Glad to meet you all!

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