Hi my name is Jennifer I was diagnosed in October 2014 with cml. and even tho all I have to do is take a pill I feel like I'm alone and that people around me and my love one just don't undersTand how it can change you life. I can vent to them but it's still as if they don't get it. Any suggestions on how to make them understand better. Or who should I talk to instead


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  • Hi Jennifer,

    My name is Amy and I am a APL Survivor. My first advice is to talk with your supporters, and say; " I know you may know what to say to me or how to act but maybe just start by listening to me vent." What was helpful for me is I asked my friends and family to just treat me like me. Not Amy who has cancer. Make fun of me the way you used too, Laugh at me, text me your last horrible date stories etc.. But what was helpful for me and them is when I spoke up on how I was feeling. For example if me and a friend were going to the lake, I used to feel bad because Id get tired so easy and had to take a lot of breaks. So Id say in the beginning, Im really fatigued today and im going to be slow. Or if I was having an emotional day due to cancer Id ask If I could come over and watch a horrible chick flick eat ice cream and vent. Be honest with your supporters and almost blunt with them. Sometimes they just don't know what to say or how to act.

    I would suggest writing on here if you need to vent to any of us. I have myself found it most therapeutic. Also look up for a meet up in your area, If there are none start your own. I hope this helps