I am not sure if anyone else who goes on this site can relate but I would like to get it out there I suppose.

I am 27 years old, back in October 2014 my baby sister, 24 years old, found out she had cervical cancer. The tumor was so big that when you walked into her room at the hospital the staff would hug you and tell you how sorry they were, that this shouldn't happen to someone so young. While nice, def not helpful. I was my sisters caregiver for 10 months. 10 Months before the cancer took over her whole body. She died July 6th, this Saturday Aug 8th would have been her 25 birthday.

I find myself just very angry about everything lately, about how unfair these things are. I was just wondering if anyone else in this community has been through this and what they've done to help themselves move on. My whole life was her for 10 months, and even before that we were best friends calling texting everyday she even lived with me for a long while before she was even sick, I'm just really lost.