Chemo tomorrow

I've only been doing chemo for two months and I'm already giving up and don't want to try anymore. I'm losing hope the more bad news we hear. I'm starting to doubt my ability to actually fight this. My Cancer and tumor growth just keep getting worse and worse. And my happiness is getting less and less. I don't want to fight anymore and I've only been doing this for two months. Some people do it for a year and keep going strong. Clearly I'm not as strong as I thought.


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  • I know exactly what you mean and I am currently feeling the same way you are. Don't give up though, I know its easier said than done because I'm even struggling with trying not to give up. The things that help my move past the feeling of wanting to quit is a good support system and trying to remain positive as much as you can. Whether it be family or  friends, their support is going to be the biggest contributor on helping you get through this and help you forget what you are going through. The other way I deal with this is setting goals for the future for when I am cancer free and try not to focus on the present as much.The main goal I set for myself is to be a mentor for people that have the type of cancer I have and be the person they can relate to and  be the person to show them that they can get through this. I don't know if that is something you would be interested in, but find something that you are passionate about and focus on that because it has really helped me get through everything.

    Remember, this is only short term and its worth the fight so that you can live a full life. I know its tough and cancer is just as much of a mental game as a physical game because you never know what's going to happen next and it fucks with your head, but never give up. Don't let this beat you, you'll get through this and kick cancer's ass.

    I hope this at least helped a little bit! Stay strong! You got this!

  • Never tell yourself you aren't strong. The first couple treatments are the worst. But once you've gotten one dose down, you've already proven you're strong enough for the rest.
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    It may seem like "only" two months but in cancer time that's like an eternity! I remember feeling like months had gone by after my diagnosis and first few rounds of chemo but in reality it was only two months just like you! I got through it although it was hard and emotional and you can too!  I got through chemo by envisioning I was anywhere but where I was (a hospital bed). For me it was that I was at the beach on a caribbean Island. May sound silly but it helped to close my eyes during chemo pop in some ear phones and pretend I wasn't actually there. I know how it feels to get bad news. I've had my doctor look me in the eye and say "there isn't anything else we can do" but then a clinical trial would open and I'm still here six years later from my original diagnosis. As cheesy as it sounds just try to relax and whether you can do that on your own or with the help of a medication, either option is totally fine. Stress can make this entire experience worse than it is. Hope this comment wasn't too preachy or annoying. Just want you to know you're not alone. We've all hit a point in our treatment where we've looked in the mirror and thought how on earth can we continue? But we do and you will too.
  • There are many reasons to feel hopeful. Even when I am done with treatment, I felt sad. This is a normal response to any serious illness. It may take time to work through and accept all the changes that are taking place. These feelings are all very common
  • Hello jaydon,

    I was diagnose with lung cancer before 2 years. I am really happy & healthy right now. Don't be negative with your health. You should not quit this, be positive & go for the treatment. I can understand your situation but any how you will get rid out of it soon. God bless.