This site helped me, a Parent, but no parents involved since 2013?

      During my son's three year long battle with brain cancer, I learned that it was important for me to find support for myself, so that I could remain healthy to assist him in whatever.  I found this site to be extremely helpful because I was scared at times, and needed to hear from people his age, as to how to best support him. 

      My son lost his battle over a year ago.  He was an amazing person that lived his life as fully as possible right up until his last days and I can honestly say that I will be forever changed (in a good way) by joining him in that journey.  My post is not about my loss.  I just came back on the site for the first time in a long while and I thought Wow!- This site has come a long way!!!

But where are the parents? Is there something the administrators could do to reach out to more parents?  I really think there are more of me out there. :Let me know how I could help get the word out about this site!