Media Representation of Cancer

This is a bit of a light topic, but I'm getting pretty fed up of how cancer patients are depicted in film and television.  Admittedly this is a minor gripe compared with how just about everyone else who's not a hetro white dude is depicted, but it sucks none the less.  Either cancer is exploited as a cheap plot device to add unearned weight to an otherwise light/undynamic plot (Creed, Parenthood, The Room) or the cancer patient becomes a super villain (Saw, Breaking Bad).  I feel like it's so cheap to use cancer as a plot device to push someone over the edge to make them sadistic.  I understand that at least Breaking Bad establishes that Walter White deep down is just not a good person, and that one could argue that for him the cancer was just an excuse to abandon morality.  None the less I still feel annoyed by this trend.  On the show Shameless one of the characters is diagnosed which almost over night pushes her to become an suicidal nymphomaniac alcoholic.  It feels unearned and cheap.

Look, when I was diagnosed I was super angry.  My fuse became way shorter and I would snap into long winded rages.  I wanted to knock everything off the shelf at the grocery store and I wanted to push every single person I saw smoking in front of a train.  I found controlling my emotion nearly impossible and I thought I was loosing my mind.  The psychic damage heaped upon the cancer patient cannot be underestimated.  However, getting cancer generally doesn't turn an average person into El Chapo.  I feel like the message being sent, whether intentional or not, is that getting cancer turns you into a monster.  This is done for no other reason than to make the film/show edgy or dark.  But I can't help but feel it cheapens the cancer experience.

To be fair, cancer is incomprehensible.  Not only is it impossible to understand logically, emotionally, and spiritually, but even medically.  The first known mention of cancer was found on papyrus dating back to ancient Egypt.  While massive strides have been made after the two or so millennia since that document was written, there is still so much that baffles modern medicine.  So I get that it's not an easy topic to tackle.  I just wish more care was taken in trying to represent what it's really like to have cancer.