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So, I have a question and I hope it doesn't annoy anyone. It's on the topic of hair. Yes, that thing many of us have lost because of horrible chemo. Myself included. I had bone cancer (ewing sarcoma). The first time I was diagnosed I was sixteen and lost my long thick hair. Im talking thick! It grew back while in remission and came back as my dream hair! Silky, wavy, less thick but not thin. I was ecstatic to have any hair let alone that hair. Then I got sick again at 19. I was once again put on chemo and lost it all. It is growing back but I have so many patchy spots. I'm trying to be patient since I know my body has been through a lot of chemo but it's hard. It's been two years and my hair is super thin at the crown of my head and near the bottom of my neck. Will my hair ever go back to normal? It's embarrassing to look like I have bald spots. I still wear my wig until it may one day fill in. I just feel more comfortable that way. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I really am tired of hiding behind a wig two years after chemo. I want to hear if this has happened to anyone else. Did you take anything for it? Anyone suggestions would help. Even my eyebrows are barely there now. Thank you for any suggestions or even just sharing your story. Once again, don't want to sound whiny. I am thankful I am somewhat healthy at the moment. I am twenty two now and have been through a lot in these past six years and if long thick hair is what I had to sacrifice for my life then so be it, but if there is anyone else who has suggestions or has been through this I would love to hear from you. I have scoured every crevice of the internet and it seems I can't find any message thread that pertains to my exact problem. Thank you for reading!

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  • Hey, So my hair grew back normal but I did get female balding at a young age do to chemotherapy. I guess there is a connection with chemo patients and female balding. I use rogaine to help regrow my hair i also take biotin. You can look on the website topics (sp) that has some great products to make your hair look fuller and covers bald spots


  • Thank you for answering! @melissak91 How did the rogaine work for you?
  • @Bergie Rogain has helped grow back some hair but alopecia is an auto immune disorder and it is what it is. There really is no cure for it :( I also take some pills for it but a hair specialist gave them to me.
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    In case anyone is reading this in hopes of looking for an answer like I was when I first wrote this question here it is. It's been a few months later and my hair is actually starting to finally fill in almost over two years after not being on treatment. Hope that gives someone hope who is going through the same thing. The longer my hair gets the less noticeable the patchiness gets and I think new hair is growing in too. I also took the suggestion above and ordered something like the product topics (mine is from viviscal and its a hair building fiber) and that did help my hair look thicker! No more wig for me and just in time for the hot summer months! I think we can all agree wigs in the summer are horrible lmao