anyone else ever feel like docs aren't taking their history/symtpoms seriously because of age?

I don't feel like going into the details, but the post title says it all. I feel like some of my current medical issues....side effects from treatment, and possibly early warning signs of another cancer, aren't being adequately heard and responded to. I think that's because I appear to be a healthy, spry, lean 27 year old. I moved here to FL from Philly, so none of my current docs really seem to grasp the ordeal I went through just a year and a half ago. (I'm in remission a year now). They don't seem to grasp it was a very serious stage 4 cancer and I was hospitalized for a long time and very iffy for a while, but then did a ton of real brutal intense treatments....chemo, radiation, some experimental chemo. 

long story short: had stage 4 primary mediastinal large b-cell lymphoma.  i'm in remission now and just supposed to go to full body cat scan check ups with contrast every 3 months.     most recently, i've had abnormal paps & been told from a colposcopy that i've precancerous for cervical cancer. BUT I'm showing ALL the classic symptoms for ovarian cancer, to which there's no accurate screenings.  i want a radical hysterectomy (don't want kids, am menopausal anyhow) and TWO of my mom's sisters had breast cancer. strong link to estrogen. lots of people with breast cancer have preventative hysterectomies. my cancer has a high rate of recurrence in the first two years and i'm at a high risk for secondary cancers from my treatments. i don't think this is unreasonable. my fear is that i have ovarian cancer that is spread and all they are seeing is the "pre-cancer" in my cervix and no one is taking me seriously and won't consider a radical hysterectomy an option because "i'm too young". i don't want to keep having repetitive minor surgeries/procedures and miss the real problem entirely. I'd rather have just one surgery and be done with it with certainty. 


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  • AQAQ Community Member
    I think if that's what you want then you shouldn't stop until you get answers. One thing I've learned from my cancer diagnosis is that doctors don't know everything. At the end of the day they're just human beings like we are. I had to fight hard just to get a simple CT scan because they said "we don't do CT scans for headaches." 2 weeks later I had a golf ball sized brain tumor removed and two weeks after that I was diagnosed with cancer.I say keep fighting and keep asking until someone listens. Your feelings are valid and you deserve to be heard. 
  • Your feelings are valid. You need to find a doctor/surgeon who is willing to listen to your wishes and needs. Keep looking and asking around for a surgeon who will honor your wishes for a hysterectomy. Ask around, ask nurses, others docs, hospital personnel who the right doc for u will be. Keep bugging ur doc thru emails and phone calls so that u are heard!
    wishing u the best!
  • QuinFTWQuinFTW Community Member
    Remember you only need one YES. One person to be on your side, to validate your needs and to get the care that you deserve.
  • juls4juls4 Community Member
    Do you know if you have the BRCA mutation? I do and my doctors are dying for me to get my ovaries out even though I had breast, not ovarian cancer. I'm 34 and they will wait until I'm 40, but they're all pushing for the earlier the better. If you have the gene, they may take you more seriously. But like AQ said, it's your body and you're the one who has to live with the consequences, not the doctors. When I went through chemo, I was able to eat, stay hydrated, etc so my physical body handled it well, but psychologically I was a total mess and my nausea kept me from enjoying anything and everything - whether it was tv, reading, doing a puzzle, or just daydreaming. When I told my doctors I was desperate for relief, they acted like it was no big deal because all they saw was a young person who wasn't throwing up. I begged them to put me in a coma because I was hating life, but they just shrugged and said we've done all we can. It wasn't until I lost it and sent a bunch of really scathing emails that they woke up and suddenly was given 4 new medication options. Now that I'm in remission, my doctors love to say "I have a good feeling about you, don't worry about recurrence" and I think, ooohhhh so you're a clairevoyant doctor? Could you not have called me to give me a heads up before I got cancer? Ovarian cancer is very hard to detect in the early stages and if you don't want to have kids or care about menopause, why not be preventative? Sounds like your quality of life will greatly improve. I don't know the risks of a radical hysterectomy vs removing just your ovaries, but if you're prepared to live with the potential risks of the surgery, then the doctors should follow your wishes.

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