Anyone else taking herceptin and tamoxifen?

I am 32 and was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma March 2015. I just finished chemo and radiation. I am currently still getting herceptin every two weeks till June and started tamoxifen for 10 YEARS! I was wondering if anyone else has been on these meds and what side effects if any they have had. The herceptin seems to make me have pms like symptoms, but all the time! Ugh. Emotional, depressed, irritable and when I get angry I turn into the hulk.. Funny and not so funny. Also, I went through menopause during chemo and then my Cycle started back about a month after I was done with that. They say temoxifen can kick your body back into menopause. Not something I want to go through again... I don't have kids and would like them one day. I have been thinking about dropping the 2 meds and finding a more holistic route. Looking for any guidance, opinions or someone that can relate.


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  • I'm 25 and on herceptin through April. I started tamoxifen in August 2015. I have had some large ovarian cysts develop since starting tamoxifen (the doctor says its unrelated, but from reading other experiences it seems it is likely related). I haven't noticed any other symptoms other than my cycle being delayed. Have you found any holistic treatments you are considering?
  • @tarabear I have decided to stop the tamoxifen. I have stop eating and drinking foods that contain hormones, estrogen and trying to go mostly organic. I am leaning towards stopping the herceptin as well.
  • I started tamoxifen in November 2015, I've had leg cramps that keep me awake at night, hot flashes (which I'm told will subside) and bad headaches. I was told down the line I'll adjust but I'm almost 6 months in. I'm 35, diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in February 2015. Stage 1A, but I did the works as a precaution.