partner is volunteerly skipping doses of targeted treatment

hi all,
my girlfriend was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the lung ALK positive about two years ago since then iv been acting as her care taker.
shes taking a targeted treatment which is a life saver, but one of its negative symptoms which arose lately is the fact that the treatment is working too well and doesn't have many side effects, now that may seam dumb to say but lately shes been skipping doses with the reasoning that its "poison" and "bad" for her. the problem is that this medicine is the only think keeping her alive and keeping her cancer at bay. i'm at a loss at how i should try to convince her that she should take the medicine. we had already had a fight about it and she claims that its HER body and i don't have a say about what she does with it, which is true, but i'm scared that her cancer will flair up again and that this drug wont be able to save her this time. 
i'm thinking of telling her parents but i think that will just have a negative result, or talking to her doctor.
thanks for any support.


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  • JLBrownJLBrown Community Member
    I got my husband a fancy dancy pill organizer only to have him scoff at it. He forgets A LOT which is a side effect for pretty much everything he has as far as meds and type of cancer. I quietly watch to make sure he's taken it but I'm not there all the time. He's going to do what he's going to do, but I knew that going into the relationship that he was stubborn and strong willed. If I were you I would reach out to other people. I've been with him for a while and sometimes my words go on deaf ears so I send my mother or his doctor to give him perspective.