Infertility VS Freezing My Eggs

I'm 32 I've had thyroid cancer in the past and newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  I am unsure of the stage and I have yet to receive my gene testing and my full results of pathology test.  Both my surgeon and oncologist said "You appear to be EARLY stage breast cancer, but lets do further testing".  Both also stated I am HIGH risk breast cancer with a 70% cell reproduction.  The oncologist told me that I should look into fertility preservation treatments, that there is a strong and high chance i'd loose my ability to bare a child and most likely need to remove my ovaries.  Im feeling very overwhelmed.  I've never thought about having kids, seeing that I haven't had a steady relationship in four years.  Plus the cost of freezing ones eggs is outrageous, anywhere from $5,000-$10,000!  SHHEEESHHHH!  

What do other ladies feel about freezing their eggs?  I'm having mixed emotions...


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  • I'm 20 and went through the process in September.  If I remember correctly it cost me about $6,000. It sucks because this is one thing the insurance companies almost NEVER cover.  The place I went to gave a discount for people who were freezing them due to cancer, so definitely look into that.  My first year with my eggs will be free, and after that it is $821 a year for the place to continue to freeze my eggs.  SO EXPENSIVE.  I guess what you have to really think about is if you want your children to have your genes or DNA or whatever it is lol.  For me, that is really important to me.  Honestly, I went to the location and I just happened to get my period THAT day and they told me they have to start the day I got my period.  I had an hour to decide what I was going to do, so I did not have to experience the going back and forth process as much as you may be going through.  I thought the fact I got my period that exact day I needed to was a sign and I went for it.  It was a long two weeks, packed with self injections of hormones in my stomach twice a day and going for an ultrasound almost every morning.  It definitely is no walk in the park but I believe it was worth it.  If you have any questions I am definitely open to chat!! 
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    I went through the process of harvesting my eggs. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  • Look into Livestrong foundation. Just google them. They have an application to fill out that can help you financially for freezing eggs due to cancer. They were able to help me.
  • I'm 30 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in April. I froze embryos with my husband, and I've heard the best thing you can do is freeze your eggs, so later you don't have to think about having your own children if that's something you thing you will want. I was told infertility was possible, so I felt why not eliminate the thought of worrying about this later and just freeze now. Yes it's costly, but I think later on you will be thankful you did it. I've spoken to women who did not and I do sense some regret.
  • I was recently diagnosed with stage 1 endometrial cancer and the hysterectomy is inevitable. So fertility has been on my mind a lot. Like AndreaRocks mentioned, Live Strong does have a group called Fertile Hope that will assist with the financial side as well as other areas of fertility. Make sure to explore any possible lead on assistance before ruling it out because of cost alone. The book Planet Cancer has some helpful info about fertility and adoption as well.