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My best friend is 23 and she was recently diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. We've checked out the grants and financial aid page on StupidCancer, but can you guys tell me about any financial resources that you've actually pursued and have been helpful to you??




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  • Hi Tabatha,

    Your friend and I were on the same boat. I didn't have enough time to pursue any of the financial resources I looked into, so I ended up taking out a loan through my bank, maxing out my credit card, and draining my savings.

    As far as a financial resource that actually seemed attainable, the Livestrong Foundation looked promising. I also got help through Walgreens Heartbeat Program to cover some costs of prescription medication for my fertility preservation (if she goes that route).

    Sorry I couldn't offer more. And btw, you're an awesome friend for helping out like this.
  • The biggest costs for me are my medical costs.. doc appointments, infusion appointments, scans, so I contacted a social worker at the hospital I get treated at and she gave me the paperwork to set up financial assistance through the hospital. So, for now they are paying 100% of my medical bills which helps a ton. Tell your friend to ask someone at her oncologists office for the social workers number or email and have her contact them. They will have all resources available for her and help her fill out any paperwork and get things submitted.

    The social worker I talked with also gave me some other charity resources that help with medication copayments and things.. thankfully all of my treatment drugs are totally covered by insurance so I haven't needed to look further into what it takes for that type of help. There's definitely options out there. is one of them.

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