After Cancer, Survivors Do Not Choose Healthy Foods: What’s Going On?

What influences cancer survivors’ eating patterns?  The research team at Tufts University are conducting a survey ( link to survey ) to understand cancer survivors’ eating patterns. 

They Need Your Help! Please contribute to this important research by completing the CARE Survey (10 minutes max @ ) 


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For Many Who Have Gone through Cancer Treatment or Currently Receiving Cancer Treatment, Please Share Your Thoughts about Your Eating Habits and How They May Have Changed Since Diagnosis. Scientists at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, are Evaluating the Nutritional Needs in Cancer Survivors.They Need Your Help! Visit to Take a Short Survey (10 minutes) and Contribute to This Important Research!

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Cancer Survivors Share Your Thoughts about Nutrition with @TuftsNutrition in @CARE_Study

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