roommate 2016 cancercon

My name is Jezka and this will be my first year attending CancerCon.  
I've been trying to save money for the trip out, but I know that there is no way I can afford a room at the Sheraton by myself.  Just for three nights, (thursday, friday, saturday)  the total comes up to about $430 after taxes and fees.  
I've been looking into other options such as hostels or airbnb, but i'd much prefer to stay at the actual conference center.  

Therefore, I'm looking for a roommate!  Or anyone that may have already reserved a double bed room and wouldn't mind me throwing a little money your way.  
If you are serious about it and can pay half of the $430 $215/$215 right down the middle, i'd be glad to make the reservation.  
I just know that my anxiety spikes when I'm driving in unfamiliar places, and I'd like to just park the car at the Sheraton when I get to denver and know its safe until I leave sunday. 

I'm a 28 year old female with brightly coloured hair.  I've been told that I get along with just about everyone, but I can be a little shy at first.  
Not sure what else to include.  
I am open to men/women/anyone.  I'm LGBT friendly, have tattoos and piercings.  
I promise i'm not an annoying roommate, I just want to get the best experience I can get without spending a fortune. 

and a photo of me, to prove i'm real!


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