Seeking perspectives on at-home care


Last week I had the pleasure of connecting with Matthew Zachery and discovering this extraordinary resource for the first time.  I'm the spouse of a cancer survivor who is thankfully 11-years out now.  But had this community been here then I would have found it among my most powerful allies.

Fast forward 11 years and today I'm doing research for University of Utah Health Sciences to better understand the needs, challenges and opportunities related to at-home support for patients and caregivers.

I'm hoping to connect with a few folks here that would be willing to spend no more than about 10 minutes with me on the phone (or Skype) sharing their experience with me, specifically as it relates to your care management at home.  I'd be grateful for whatever insights you're open to sharing - as a patient or caregiver.  Please email me at or connect with me on Twitter at @dsgold.

Thank you very much.