Hi everyone! New here, just wanted to say hi.. :)

Hello all of you lovely people!

I am so excited to find this site! I would love to connect with anyone who has any idea what I'm going through...

I am 22 years old and was just recently (less than a month ago) diagnosed with stage 4, metastatic cervical cancer that has pretty much spread throughout my entire freaking body...

Have you ever had one of those bad dreams where it feels like you are trying to wake yourself up? Yeah... That's how I feel right now. None of this feels real, I am still pretty much in shock I guess. But at the same time I have never been so scared in my entire life.
They started chemo right away and I have already lost my gorgeous, super thick, brown long locks of hair... :(

If anyone here feels so compelled as to talk to me, please do so, I would love to chat with your lovely self.


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  • Hope u have a blessed day
  • Well I was diagnosed a year ago but I'm 22 and I was diagnosed with leukemia which is different but I'd love to chat and help you through it!!
  • Jess324Jess324 Community Member
    Just wanted to say hi,I'm 27and I also was just diagnosed with Cervical Caner stage 3b. It spread to my lymph nodes in my pelvis. I start chemo and radiation this week. I'm here just looking to talk to anyone who has experience. What to expect any and all help is welcomed
  • jessi85jessi85 Community Member
    Jess324 I had stage 3 uterine cancer and went for surgery. Hysterectomy and had chemo n radiation done
  • PatchesPatches Community Member
    Hey stage4, I'm also 22! I would love to talk! I went through something completely different, it was brain cancer. I'd get into specifics but no need to now! But regardless I would still love to chat! I love your spirit! It's contagious!
  • Hi! I'm new to forums but I wanted to share that we have just launched a new website for cancer and other terminally diagnosed illnesses, like myself. The website was started to show advice, share experiences and offer hope. We have support and links with professional advisors but this website is impartial, non profitable and provides alternative information that you may not have come across before. Here's the link if you are interested in finding out more - www.cancerrus.com
  • Hey girl! I am steph age 21, I was diagnosed when I was 20yrs old with stage 3b Hodgkin's Lymphoma in February! I just recently finished 12 rounds of chemo 3 weeks ago and start radiation next week! I live each day as a new day, and to the fullest. My favorite saying is "I'm on a roller coaster that can only go up." It's from one of my favorite movies "The Fault In Our Stars." If you have any questions about chemo or what to look for in your future. Our journey's are different, but hey i'm sure a lot of us go through the same experiences. I'm here if you need anything. You can do this. I believe in you. You have a positive attitude that lights up the whole room, that will definitely help you go far. I know it helped me. I also lost my long, thick, and gorgeous locks too. I am still waiting for it to grow back although i've never had short hair in my entire life so we will see how it goes. 


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