Hey everyone. This is new to me

I have been going trough a lot since I was 14
Crazy how far I came and I am 30 now
At the age of 14 my appendix ruptured and doctors found out my colon wasn't great because the amount of polyps
They decided to remove half of the colon and then I went for scopes every six months. At the mid of 2010 I had a scope and was told. It doesn't look good. Ended up having surgery and removed the rest of the colon
Then two years later in 2012 I had a tumor on my thyroid. Ended up having to get my thyroid removed.
I lived my life normal like anyone didn't really think anything else would go wrong
Then in the end of 2014 had a test done a uterine biopsy because of the bleeding
And then I was told I had no choice. absolutily no choice to decide on anything I had been diagnosed a year ago today with stage III uterine cancer. Under went the surgery
Coped with it in many ways and was told I can't have kids. No kids never married
Then they said I need to go for chemo. Biggest fear loosing my hair. My 30th bday no hair
Then radiation came along

It was my biggest fear going through all this
I have family always by my side
But I do break down here and there still. At times it's still hard to cope with it because I look back about it and think about it

I have been in the clear since January 2016 n waiting to get a scan in May


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  • How are you doing now?
  • jessi85jessi85 Community Member
    I am awaiting my scan in May. But been feeling good. I do break down but it's normal.
  • Do you do any workouts?
  • jessi85jessi85 Community Member
    At the moment no I don't.
  • I looked at your message because of your tittle, it is my first time on here too. I have only just discovered the site. Its comforting to know that im not the only one going through this stuff . I have actually never spoke to anyone with cancer that is similar age to me either.

    It seems as though you have had it really tough for such a long time I just can't imagine how it's been for you. I hope that your situation changes and you begin to feel better. I know how it feels to think that 'nothing else could possibly happen to me' and then it does. And when you feel that you have defiantly had your fair share crap .......... but then more crap happens.

    I had another scare this year, the hospital had made a MAJOR mistake by a hand full of of senior doctors and oncologists. I got cancer when I was nineteen and two months and now I'm thirty three and two months. So I have had operations, radio, chemo. I have been offered more radio for my face then that retracted because it would paralyse my face permanently etc. I now have many side effects from the treatments I have had and I have suffered from chronic pain since I was nineteen.

    I know its hard, just try and keep your head up.
  • jessi85jessi85 Community Member
    Hey. It's hard at times but I can do it
    I just got my results back for my scan n I'm doing good.
  • How did it go. I hope that you got the results you were hoping for
  • jessi85jessi85 Community Member
    I got the results I am good. Scan every three months
  • Oh brilliant that's fantastic.
  • jessi85jessi85 Community Member
    Yes. I am so happy. But gotta get a scan every three months just to be on the safe side
    I been writing in a journal everything. I want to write a book but don't know how to go about it
  • Hi There -

    I also looked at this point because I am new to this site and new to this cancer thing.  I was diagnosed in November 2015 with soft tissue sarcoma in my right thigh.  I had surgery on NYE to remove the tumor and just finished up my (4) cycles of in patient chemo treatments on April 4th!  Woo!  I turned 30 in March and the post from Jessi85 really resonated with me because I was so upset I was turning 30 hairless!  I go for a scan in 6 weeks following my chemo and I am starting radiation hopefully in two weeks - per surgeons approval that my leg is healthy enough.

    Just looking to connect with people my age who have cancer or have gone through this - like you mentioned sometimes I feel so alone because no matter how supportive my friends, family and boyfriend are I feel like they truly don't understand what I am thinking & feeling through all of this.  I have said recently, I feel like the cancer has become my identity among people and I hate it - I am still the same old me, just got a little battle going on.  

    Glad to hear scans went well.  If anyone has any advice as I continue this journey, I would greatly appreciate it!
  • jessi85jessi85 Community Member
    I have great family by my side.
    Sad I don't have a boyfriend. I did but he walked away. But u can do it. Have faith n keep me posted
  • So lucky of us to have such great families ... for sure.

    And don't worry about the boyfriend - if he walked away, then he wasn't worth it.  That was one of the biggest fears coming into this after my diagnosis, especially when they told me I was definitely having chemo (my type of cancer its not always necessary) and I was going to lose my hair.  I was so scared of my boyfriend leaving not because I was bald but more so because its a really hard thing for a partner to deal with along with you.  I know how lucky I am that he has been so great, and I hope he continues to be strong.  I know it weighs on him a bit.  

    How do you like journaling?  Do you find that to help you a lot?  My friend suggested I do it, but I just like here and there jot notes down on how I am feeling but haven't kept up.  I wonder if it will help me now that I finished up chemo with some of my post cancer anxiety.  
  • jessi85jessi85 Community Member
    The journal helps a lot.
    I write everything down.
    One day I'll have a lucky guy
  • ang2157ang2157 Community Member
    For me journaling and drawing were good outlets. It is also good to go back and look over what you wrote or what you drew and compare to where you are now. We are fighters so it's good to review our journeys and recognize how strong we are!
  • Hi Jessi!
    I am new to this as well. Reading your story reminded me a lot of what I went through. When I was 24 I had my colon removed due to too many polyps and after it was removed I found out it was cancerous. A year later they found 8 polyps on my thyroid and after a biopsy, realized that was cancer too. I had my thyroid removed and then had radiation. After a genetics test they figured out I could get pancreatic and ovarian cancer, so I'm being monitored for both, just in case they show up too.
    I actually have not met anyone that has had both their thyroid and colon removed, except for my mom and myself. How are you doing now? I'm guessing you were put on hormone medication after your thyroidectomy. How are you doing with that? I've had the worst time adjusting to the medication, but I think it's finally been worked out.

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