I am 25 years old and I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma non hodgkins in may 2015 I went through treatment and of course lost my hair etc. I went through a lot my parents divorced and my dad like forgot about me on top of that when I was diagnosed I lost my fiancé. since then I have not been able to really get love or anyone interest when they find out I had cancer I don't get it . what can I do to help me feel better


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  • I'm 23 and I found someone who looks past my oxygen tanks and frequent e.r. visits.
    What I did when I first him was I told him my condition. I didn't hide it anymore. I used to before him. Of course people dismissed me or didn't call me back.
    I picked up pilates and skin detoxing. It felt good to look good and I didn't let the odd stares people give/gave me stop me. I guess I learned to accept myself first before I let someone accept me.
    I hope this helps.

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    Sooner or later you will find someone that will find your cancer history as a strength and not a weakness. It will just take time. Think about it. Fighting the deadliest disease known to man? That requires bravery, strength, and a bunch of character to fight. You just have to start looking at it from another angle. You are a survivor. You are a fighter.  
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    I found that telling people my situation up front is easiest too. Then if they can't accept it at least my feelings were involved yet. I joined plenty of fish and OKcupid online dating sites. I met some very nice and accepting guys and then I met some guys who degraded all my flaws the cancer gave me like my short hair, scars, infertility, and such. But then they aren't genuine people so they aren't worth it anyways.
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    Yeah, it is best to lay everything out on the table before your feeling are involved. That way, if things go down hill you really don't care and won't be hurt by it.