So I have a question.
I've asked this before but I got nothing.

If you have shortness of breath or some kind of lung issue, how do you keep sex sexy? I know, what?
How do you keep your breath steady?Are there breathing excercises to try before? How do you breathe during a blowjob?

I'd like to know.


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  • Tori825Tori825 Community Member
    My only advice is to take long deep breathes in your nose and out your mouth. It's awkward but less awkward than passing out (happend to me once, poor boyfriend was traumatized). As far as blowjobs go, I've had issues because my nose bleeds and gets really sore all the time so it's difficult. I would advise just using it sparingly and know that maybe going full force and finishing that way may not be possible. Use your hands to suplement and take breaks. Bottom line: don't over do it and communicate with your partner about what your limits are so they know what you are comfortable handling in any circumstance.
  • Thank you so much Tori. I did what you advised and it turned out great. I was a bit embarrassed but the talk went well. I attach to a generator so that wasn't hard. Thank you so much!
  • Tori825Tori825 Community Member
    Glad I could be of help. It can be very difficult to keep a romantic life going when you're dealing with a whole entire world of pain, awkward body issues, and hormonal issues caused by the meds. At certain points in my treatment I've gone through dips where things were difficult and impossible at others. I have learned to be creative and keep the communication lines open. If you ever want to talk, feel free to send me a message.
  • AndreaRocksAndreaRocks Community Member
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    Thank you guys for being so open & honest about this. I definitely had a few questions regarding sex being a 33 yr old in a relationship. And losing your identity, your feeling of being attractive, sexy, due to chemo or awful treatment you're receiving.
  • Q4lifeQ4life Community Member
    I suggest taking a falletio class. They can actually teach you how to use lube & do some interesting/pleasurable techniques with your hands to minimize the oral work so you won’t compromise your breathing. Or go to an adult toy store. They sometimes have classes. You can request your gyn to help you find or research a sexual health counselor.

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