I've been avoiding joining one of these forums for a while or pretty much anything that discuss' cancer. I have stage 2s Hodgkin's lymphoma. At the beginning I was constantly told "if you had to have a cancer this is the one to have". I'm not sure if anyone else has gotten that as well or how it's affected them. I'm 21 and a mother to a 5 month old. Haven't really found anyone to relate to and I guess I'm finally asking for help. Even if you're not a parent or young or whatever. I need to get real with myself and I thought discussing it was a great way to start.

* Also if anyone has found something that helps for the body pain and jaw pain you'd be my savior!


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  • I was kinda relived after my pet CT scan that the doctor tills mine they didn't see any hot spots in my liver, loins or anywhere else except my lymph nodes. how are you handling your treatments? My doctor gave me Norco for pain but it made me nauseous. Tramadol was a little better but with the antibiotics and the prednisone it made my stomach turn. Latey I've been taking claritin because it helps with the aches with minimal side effects.
  • Hey! That was also the phrase I've heard from many people before. I was diagnosed for Hodgkin's lymphoma also stage II when i was 18. And honestly yes it was bit annoying going through treatment, but time went by so quick. Keeping a positive mindset helps as well, I'm a strong believer that pain is all mental so I always focused on my mother, I didn't want to show her i was scared or in pain, so i would "play it off" as if everything was going well for me and honestly that helped me ease my journey. 

    Unfortunately i can't remember what pain killers i was on, but just let your doctors know so they can give you the right medication. If one doesnt work out they usually have other alternatives.

  • I hope you all feel better and have found peace and joy. I don't have Hodgkins so I'm not too sure on what to say. I'm a lung case
  • I was diagnosed with stage 3B Hodgkin's last month and am getting ready to start my second round of chemo this Friday. I've also heard the "this is the good cancer to have" line a hundred times. I figure no cancer is the good kind. As far as the body pain, I've seen several people say Claritin helps though I haven't tried it. Aleve has worked for me so far. I hope your treatments are going well.
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    all cancer is not created equal. Some cancers might not change the way you live much and you can continue to have a pretty normal life, where as others can turn your life upside down. It just depends. But i know if you find out you have cancer, even the least serious type of cancer would be devastating news. It's all about perspective. 

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