I'm a cancer survivor and was checking out the video on the website intro page. In the video several people are saying that dormant and malignant tumors are "just as bad". I don't understand how this is true as malignant tumors are clearly much more dangerous and are more often fatal then dormant tumors.


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  • Hello young lad,

    The only answer I can provide to you is that, here at, we truly believe that cancer is stupid. We also believe that if you can't beat them, you join them. Therefore, because there is no cure for cancer (thus meaning we haven't beaten it) we have joined cancer in being stupid. Thus, we believe that dormant tumors are "just as devastating" (whatever that means) as malignant tumors because we are stupid. We aren't trying to downplay your cancer experience, rather, we are trying to say that we went through the same struggle as you did (even though we didn't because our cancer was way less "devastating" than yours) for some sort of self actualization that we need for some reason - apparently it's a good thing to have a more "devastating" cancer (if it isn't, than why does it matter so much that dormant tumors are "just as devastating") - because we're insecure about our cancer. For some reason. Stupid cancer...!

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