How are dormant tumors "just as devastating" as malignant tumors

dormant tumors are not even cancerous. 


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  • Is that your opinion or is that a debating question?
  •  I am just confused about the point of saying that they are just as devastating as each other. Tumors kill people because they metastasizewouldn't you agree that a tumor that cant do this would be way less devastating? please note that i'm not trying to undermine anyone for their experience in fact i posted this precisely because i felt that saying that they are equal would be undermining people who had to deal with a more dangerous situation. my source is and a quote is below.

    "If a tumor lacks the ability to invade adjacent tissues or spread to distant sites by metastasizing then it is benign, whereas invasive or metastatic tumors are malignant." 
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    i think they aren't as bad
  • I have benign tumours in my spinal cord and as a result of that I have suffered from chronic pain since I was 18. I am now 33 and I am worm out. I was a professional dancer before I got cancer and I have seen my own life die in front of me. I am now disabled due the tumours growing on my spinal cord. I got told for years that you have nothing to worry about your tumors are benign, stop worrying about them. I felt like they were ticking time bombs and it was only a matter of time till they went off. Five or six years later. I had secondaries the full length of my spine and I now have them in my brain due to my benign tumors acting cancerous. I have multiple side effects and different personality traits. To my family benign tumours are still devastating our lives. I'm still in chronic pain 24/7 it's incredibly taxing suffer every day without any rest. Its been really hard and will continue to be.
  • Thanks you for sharing your story. I believe that benign tumors can certainly be more dangerous than malignant in specific situations. There still lies the question on why this site is telling us that all types of cancers and all situations are just as devastating as each other. I do not understand the point of making someone feel like their experience was just as bad as the experience of anyone else, this is clearly not the case as some people have simple skin surgeries to get rid of cancer while others must be cut open and injected with poison. The comparison with benign and malignant was simply to highlight this point due to the fact that a death from a benign tumor is rare while most cancer deaths come from malignant tumors.
  • The point is that any kind of cancer diagnosis, benign, low stage, advanced, can affect people greatly and be devastating to someone who has never had a serious health problem in their life, especially someone young. So, we can't say others with benign tumors are less devastated because we can't speak to how others are feeling about their situation. We have to empathize with everyone, even if we personally feel that our struggle is much more serious and scary. 
  • Thats good and all but I still think that outright saying that all experiences are at the same level as far as devastation to a persons life is ignorant. but then again I am thinking on a scientific level where "feelings" are not that important

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