Working From Home??

I want to try to start working when I get the all clear from my doctors. (Hopefully around June this year.) I know I'm not that strong and won't be able to do as much as someone else such as standing for long periods or lifting a lot of weight. I thought about a job I could do from home but does anyone know good companies or the best way to look or what to search?? 


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  • I'm having the same problem. Having radio and chemo I find a full day quite hard. I also suffer from chronic pain because my tumors are in my brain and spinal cord. I'm not sure where to turn either and feel a little lost. I had thought that a job from home that could give me a deadline or a set amount of work would be great. For example when I'm up all night with pain. If you think of anything let me know, that would be really cool
  • I know there are data entry ones and some other inputting ones but some you have to go to training and its like a few weeks but full-time.
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    Be very wary of "work from home" opportunities, especially ones which are heavy with promise but light on details. This is a huge area for scams and it can be tricky to find legit opportunities. Be especially wary of any org offering to send you a check right away, and then have you send some of that money back; their check will bounce weeks after you've deposited it.  And look out for affiliate opportunities (aka pyramid schemes) or organizations wanting you to join (for a fee) or send too much personal information without any kind of interview.

    Data entry, customer service, and copy writing might do the trick; try going with in-person relationships and local companies first. Maybe there's something local with one day a week, or some kind of job-share or flex-time.

    Ideally, what work would you do if you were 100%? Is there any way to do that type of work, or share your expertise in that area, from home?
  • I don't have a ton of experience because after high school I joined the army and then deployed after I finished training then when i got back from my deployment i got leukemia so I have no idea what i would do and etc. plus im only 22 so i still dont know what i want to do when i grow up
  • Maybe part-time front desk office type of job? Not a lot of standing or lifting. A lot of medical offices, dentists, etc. usually take part time front desk help. Wouldn't be an at home job, but those are hard to come by unless you have a degree that can get you a job in computer design, IT, things like that can be done from home, but require degrees and experience. I'm a personal assistant, so sometimes I get to work from home when I'm super fatigued after an infusion, but I had this job before all this cancer stuff came along, so I'm lucky to have a boss that's willing to work with my need for flexibility. Hope you find something that works for you.
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    Perhaps the army has some kind of job placement or service that you can reach out to. Or your doctor might could refer you to social workers who could help. I'm also extremely lucky in that I have an established career in computer programming, and that my office is supportive in letting me work from home when needed. Usually I take one day off for the infusion and then work from home the next day.