I probably don't have cancer... Right?

Hi! I have been feeling really terrible lately and I'm to the point where the back of my mind is saying I have cancer. I'm just gonna start by listing off all of my symptoms. I've already gone to a doctor and I'm waiting for blood test results. 
The symptoms I've been dealing with for a little over a year now are as follows: 
-a few bumps on my neck, one deep, behind my right neck muscles. The other up near my left lymph node, but closer to the back of my head. And the third is on top of my right collar bone. They are all tender to the touch and the one on my collarbone is painful, the pain is much worse if I touch it. If I leave it alone, it aches and causes pain up and down my neck. My doctor said that it is actually my cartilage of my sternum, but I still think its my collar bone lol. 
-Weight loss, 14 lbs in 2 weeks. I've tried to gain it back, but only managed to get a few pounds back. 
-loss of appetite, worse in the morning. But really, I don't feel like eating anything anymore. 
-headaches. I've gotten migraines since I was 6. They used to be chronic, but now I only get one or two a month. Other than the migraines, I always have a slight headache. It just never seems to go away. 
-okay, weird, but I seem to be mixing up words, syllables, names. I don't usually notice it, but people point it out to me ALL the time! To the point where it's freaking me out because I do it so often. I mishear a lot of words too. 
-I'm always tired and I walk around in a fog all day. 
-I've become a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol, I'm drunk off of one beer and then I sober up within an hour and then become sick. 
-Chest pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and like I said, head pain. 
-Along with the chest pain, I have trouble breathing. It's worse when I'm lying down 
-low blood pressure(according to my doc) it's lower when I'm lying down and then drastically raises when I stand up. 
-I'm always cold. Always. 
-Also, I have developed REALLY bad depression and anxiety over the past year. And mild insomnia lol fml. 
-Blacking out, dizziness, lack of coordination(i bump into things all the time now), and I drop things that I think I'm holding onto. 
-K, this is a lil freaky, I've had three seizures over the past year. The only reason I think it's unrelated to my other symptoms is because, two out of the three times I had a seizure, I had been smoking weed. I heard later on that weed can cause seizures, so idk what to think... The third time I was sober. 
-I am very sensitive to light, I have been since I started getting migraines at age 6, but recently it seems to be affecting more. 
I'm going out of my freaking mind. I feel bad all the time. Something is off, you know? I don't feel healthy like I did two years ago. It also doesn't help that my great grandfather died of a brain tumor and my dad HAS a brain tumor. Paranoia has got a hold of me ever since I tried googling my symptoms. Sooooo anyway, if anyone can offer a reason to why I feel all F-ed up, that'd be great. Thanks, and I'll keep you updated.


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  • Not sure if anyone can really give you medical advice on here as so many symptoms can be related to so many things. It is good you've gone to a doctor. My best advice would be to push for as many tests as possible. If blood comes back normal, then push for other tests like CT scans or brain MRI. I'm sure you've given the doctor your family history, so asking for a brain MRI wouldn't seem too far fetched. What I've come to learn as a young person with cancer is, if you're having weird symptoms and the doctor seems to act like it's probably nothing because you're young and you're suppose to be healthy... ask them, if you were 50+ years old with the same symptoms, what other tests would they run and what would they be thinking in terms of what could be going on? A lot of doctors might think something much different if those symptoms were happening to an older person who is "more likely" to have cancer. I hope everything works out well for you and I really hope it's nothing serious. I know the anxiety of not knowing is really terrible, try not to search the internet anymore, it always makes things worse. 
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    Jennunicorn's advice is good! You don't know what it could be but if the blood tests don't reveal anything then definitely request an MRI or CT of your whole neck and head. hopefully you're not claustrophobic! 
    my doctor first told me i had carpal tunnel in my left hand and not to worry. After a year of increasing frequency of strange sensations in my left limbs, plus a cough - all very consistent, repeating, daily episodes, my doctor eventually ordered an MRI which revealed the issues and solved the mystery and i was passed off to the neurology experts. It turned out the weird sensations/episodes were mini seizures from a tumor on my right side, motor strip. surgery took care of that and my prognosis is great. 
    good luck and keep us posted! 

  • Yes, great advice from both commenters. Don't be afraid to get more than one opinion from different doctors. If you have a "vibe" that a doctor is brushing things off which happens A LOT with young adults, then do not be afraid to see another one or even one at a different hospital. Your health is the absolute most important thing and you shouldn't settle for less than the best care. & Certainly keep us posted, as the above user said.