Recently diagnosed.

Does anyone's head constantly hurt from stress after a diagnosis? So many thoughts are in my head. It's so weird when I'm going on with normal life, and I forget I'm sick. Being diagnosised with a life threatening illness in your early 20s is so bizarre. Im not even ready to have a bladder infection, yet I sit here with stage 3 throat cancer. Damn, that bladder infection sounds good now. I'm due to have 7 weeks of radiation (3-6 months without a voice.) I'm going to be extremely poor after taking off 3-6 months, so that is causing stress. The actual radiation seems like a hell I can handle. My doctors are trying very hard to get me to do chemo. I have a huge issue with the toxicity of chemo. They say my survival rate will go up %10-15, but gez la Pete... I don't wanna. Anyone in Southern California lets m et and have a pitty party, I'll provide the ice cream :p kidding, I want to have fun and love life now.

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