I've been reading about DCA and that it's been effective for GBM (which my husband has). Does anyone else use it? Where do you get it from?
I bought a bottle on amazon and when I showed to my husbands doctor he told me that it's not FDA approved and we have no idea of telling what's really in the bottle. My husband is now hesitant to take it, but I think he should be taking it .. i'm thinking of just mixing it in his daily smoothie and not telling him .. anyone have any insight?


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  • Taking any drug that is not approved by his doctor and is not FDA approved is very dangerous. There have been some phase I trials done on DCA, not sure if they have gone past that point. Basically phase I only decides whether it would be safe for human consumption and they used very low doses. There are side effects and death was reported. I would not advise slipping drugs into your husbands smoothies, as much as you love him and want him to live a long life, doing reckless things like this could have very adverse effects. Please, take his doctor's advice, do not give this to him. He is right, you do not know what is actually in that pill bottle and giving him anything outside of a doctor's recommendation could be very harmful. Even taking herbal supplements which seem harmless, while going through chemo and other treatments is not advised without the doctor's ok because of the fact that even something grown from the earth can have very bad reactions to other medications one is taking.