Chemo for diffuse large B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and hair loss?

Hi everyone

My name is Ellise and just this week I was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I was wondering what kind of chemotherapy those of you with this same diagnosis went through and if there was hair loss associated with it?

The cancer is currently affecting my spine, other bone areas, liver, and lungs, so I was told I would likely be put on some intense chemo.



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    Hi Ellise,

    My name is Michael and I live in Australia. I am now 59 years young.

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but having been through six months of chemo to treat large B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma I can tell you it is not that bad.
    I was one of the lucky ones who sailed through it with barely any side effects although I did lose my hair.
    I had 3 cycles of R-CHOP, high dose Methotrexate x 2, then a further 3 cycles of R-CHOP and apart from the hair loss the only thing I noticed was a lack of appetite during the two big doses of Methotrexate.
    The Doctors said it was unusual for someone to go through what I did without suffering nausea, headaches etc. but if I can do it so can you.
    I have been in remission since I had the fifth treatment of chemo, since August last year, and my health is as good now as it ever was.
    Good luck with your treatment and stay positive and confident.


  • Hi. I'm 33 and was diagnosed 2years ago with the same cancer. I went through 6 months of chemo and I did lose all of my hair, but when it grew back it was so healthy and shiny and even came back with some curl which I never had before. It was hard for me when I lost it but after the treatment ended, it didn't take long for it to start growing back.
  • Hi Sara,
    How are you getting on with your recovery ?  Hope you have beaten it.
    Funny but when the doctors told me about the hair loss it really was the least of my worries and as soon as the last dose of chemo wore off my hair grew back better than ever.
    I was more concerned about them getting rid of the cancer, the small things really didn't concern me.
    But I can understand how it would affect a lady more so than a man.