Genetic counseling student in need of tough survivors' help and guidance!

My name is Victoria and I am a genetic counseling student at Long Island University. For those who may not know what genetic counselors do- We help individuals turn scary and intimidating genetic tests/information/results into something that a 16-yr-old or a 60-yr-old would understand. We promote an individual's autonomous decisions by providing an unbiased point of view. And most importantly, we become a confidant and a shoulder to lean on during times when one feels helpless or vulnerable. 

Back to why I am here; in order to graduate, we have to complete a thesis. The idea that sparked the most passion and genuine desire to find answers to is how to better the communication about fertility preservation + cancer. I would love to post a survey on the discussion boards with questions that would hopefully increase the knowledge an individual and his/her cancer team has regarding reproduction options one can have before and after treatment. 

Please send some feedback and any experiences that you are open and willing to share that would help me to create the most comprehensive survey!

Stay fighting,


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