Call for Submissions - Cancer Project

Cancer affects everyone.

Regardless of the frame of reference, the experience of Cancer provides a unique storytelling viewpoint. Whether seen through the lens of a patient or family member, survivor or caregiver, any experience provides critical information to those who have experienced this disease.

In our research, we have found there has yet to be a compilation of resources - stories, ideas, tips, or experiences - that can subsist as an all encompassing resource to the Cancer Community. We also believe there is no greater proof for the existence of such a community—or anything more personalized for that matter—than offering a unique narrative which can be shared with others. Although we recognize we cannot capture everything, we believe having a cumulative resource that is written through the perspectives of those that have experienced the disease, would be a benefit to anyone –and uniquely to individuals that are newly diagnosed, currently undergoing treatment, a caregiver, family member or friend. 

Submission Guidelines
Currently, we are seeking submissions for stories, ideas, tips, or experiences. These summations can be a story of inspiration – through loss or survivorship; a word of advice, a coping mechanism, a tip, a teaching point or a communication method - or even something as simple as a healthy recipe for those that are undergoing treatment. Ultimately, our plan is to publish a compilation of experiences, stories and resources that provide some knowledge and information to anyone wanting to learn more from those that have experienced the disease first-hand. Our mission is to provide support and inspiration to those individuals and families living with Cancer, and to reinforce the idea that while everyone’s experience is uniquely different, we are not alone in this fight.

Submissions can come from anyone who has had an experience with Cancer. Individuals do not need to be a patient at the Regional Cancer Center, and do not need to reside in Erie. Patients, survivors, family members, caregivers, physicians, nurses, social workers, etc… there is no defined criteria or person - as Cancer affects everyone. The focus of your submission should be offered from a personal or unique perspective.

We request a brief outline of your idea - no more than 300 words in length. If you are unable to write or type, the story can be written on your behalf, or recorded and sent in for review. There are no journalistic guidelines as this submission is simply intended to provide us a brief overview. If chosen, we will then request a formal interview at your convenience. Additionally, although we wish we could include all submissions, there will be a limit on the number we can accept due to production constraints.

Submissions should be sent in writing via our website at: or to:

Rebecca Styn,
2500 West 12th Street
Erie, PA 16505

In addition to the outline, please provide your name and contact information. If the story is published, you will have the option of remaining anonymous. Please see the privacy guidelines below. For questions related to submission guidelines, please email or call 838-0424.

Deadline for submissions will be September 15, 2016.

Privacy Information
Patients right to privacy will not be infringed without informed consent. Identifying information, including patients' names or initials will not be published in written descriptions or photographs, unless the patient (or parent or guardian) has provided voluntary, written informed consent for publication. Informed consent for this purpose requires that a patient who is identifiable be shown the manuscript to be published. The author will disclose to patients whether any potential identifiable material might be available via the Internet as well as in print after publication. Informed consent will be obtained if there is any doubt that anonymity can be maintained. If the patient is deceased or incapable of providing informed consent, consent will be obtained from next-of-kin, beneficiary or legal guardian.

imageOnce published, part of the proceeds of the sale of this book will be used towards patient support programs at the Regional Cancer Center.