Fertility after stem cell transplant?

I underwent about a year of chemotherapy which did not cure my stage IV Hodgkin's lymphoma. After that, I underwent a stem cell transplant using BEAM chemotherapy. I am only 24 and wondering how this may have affected my fertility. I've talked to my doctors and there is testing that can be done but unfortunately it is not covered by insurance.

I am wondering if anyone else has had the same treatment and if their fertility was affected?


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  • Hello! I hope you are well today. :) I had/have (in remission now) Multiple Myeloma with Amyloidosis. I was diagnosis in 2013 and had my SCT in 2014. I was told due to my age, 34 at the time, that there was not enough research for my age to clarify or confirm if I could still get pregnant after all of the treatments. However, those in their 20s were still top candidates and those in their 40s not so much; I fell in the middle- the grey area. I counseled with a fertility clinic and they did not seem 100% sure and $10k was not worth us hedging the bet on all of the unknowns. I am now the mother of a healthy 11 month old, 1yr at the end of this month. Drug free. Egg/donor Free. All me and the hubby (and the big guy up top). We just don't know. Honestly. I did the chemo injections for about 14weeks and then the big dose during transplant. But hey, then I got my cycle back and THAT was my beam of hope. Good luck. Go with your instincts. xoxo!