How long did you hair fall out after treament?

I am 42 out from my last radiation treatment. I hardly lost any hair during treatment and now the bald spot has appeared about the size of a pear above my ear. It continues to fall out slowly shedding throughout the day. I keep telling myself the hair shedding has to be slowing down and coming to and end, almost 2 months out, but I don't know.

Can anyone share how long it took for hair to stop shedding? I was expecting hair loss, I know radiation is cumulative. I've posted this question to other forums and I am not getting helpful answers, just the regular ones they tell you during consultation, I've done a fair amount of googling, so I'm not interested in those answers, I need real life specifics? I'm trying to find a range, like most people stop shedding by 3 months out.

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