How Do I Bring Up Brain Cancer Casually?

tattedmermaidtattedmermaid Community Member
I'm starting college in a few weeks, and that means meeting new people. And I was just wondering, when I start dating again, how do I casually bring up the fact that I have brain cancer? Because that's gonna be a conversation I'm gonna need to have with that person.. And I'm scared what he will think. I don't want him/her to be scared of what I'm going through, I just want that person to support me.


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  • I'm not sure how you can bring this up casually. I have not been placed in that situation but I would say that it would have to be based on your comfort level. For some people it might be at the beginning of their relationship, while for others it occurs at the first few dates. I hope you know how brave & beautiful you are as you go through this journey & Do not worry about what he/she thinks about you. Good luck with college & I hope everything works out!