Narcotics and Medical Cannabis

Hi everyone! I just wrote a new post on my chronic illness blog about narcotics:

I just spent most of the last week recovering from a spleen procedure (to increase my platelet count, all from chemo), taking Dilaudid around the clock. While it definitely helped get me through the pain, I'm so sick of the side effects of narcotics (constipation, digestive trouble, nausea, motion sickness, headaches, general brain fuzz). Medical marijuana is now legal in my state (MD), and will be available soon. I'm seriously considering switching to medical cannabis for my pain management.

Has anyone here tried medical cannabis, especially for abdominal pain or chemotherapy nausea? If so, please share your experiences. I'm really curious to learn more about this option. Thank you!


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  • Dear chronic,

    Over my journey with cancer i have used cannabis almost everyday. I haven't necessarily used it for pain management but it does help with nausea. I think if you have never tried this route before it is definitely something worth trying. I smoke it and some people eat edibles. Edibles give me a nasty flavor so i tend to stay away from them, but tat may be because of a bad experience that now makes me associate edibles with vomiting. If anything it might help you take your mind off of everything for a bit. Take care and good luck.
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    If you are still on here. I applied for the 1 year card for sublingual medicinal marijuana with a doctor who helped me with my paper work. It was a positive during chemo, two surgeries & physical therapy. I was also given a vape pen. One was for pain & sleeping. The other to relax me.