Nutrition help for cancer in the liver?

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and this is my first time reaching out to anyone. My mom has recurring endometrial cancer which has come back quite aggressively in her liver. (She was NED in May) She has many signs of a failing liver including nausea, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and jaundice but she is scheduled to begin chemotherapy again next week. My concern is that she is so weak - she's not eating much and when she does it is junk. I came home To find nothing but snacks and takeout. I have tried for years to encourage my parents to eat healthier and take care of themselves but they don't keep up when I am not around (I live and work three hours away which really sucks at difficult times like these.) While I am happy To see her eat at all, I feel it is more important now than ever to be feeding her body proper nutrients and minerals especially to get her strength up for chemo - it took a lot out of her last time. Am I right to try to teach her to eat nutritiously? Am I overstepping? I just want to help her overall health and wellness. My dad agrees but doesn't know where to start because he is stubborn and not very healthy himself. In the past I've sent them Blue Apron or Hello Fresh but they think even that is too time consuming to prepare! Today I cleaned out their fridge, grocery shopped, and bought a nutribullet for her. My mom and younger sister both enjoyed a small serving of a smoothie and agree that it would be easy to prepare. I guess that is a start! I am also cooking dinner tonight. It has been challenging to find the right foods given the symptoms of her liver as well as type II diabetes. However, I'm hopeful that any well balanced meal would be better than the leftover pizza and Chinese food in the fridge. Does anyone else have any advice on nutrition and cancer? Thanks in advance.


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  • There are some really good cook books for pts undergoing chemo and for cancer patients. I found mine online at Amazon and bought used cook books for $3-7 each, when originally purchased new would be $20-30 each. The cookbooks let you choose a food type based on the patients symptoms, such as finding good recipes for someone who has a sore mouth from the chemo. That was a good place for me to start. Or just googling online for free recipes for chemo / diabetic patients.
    I agree with you that Nutrition is important for a cancer patient or really anyone. It's fuel for our body that will make us stronger or weaker. You are not overstepping to trying to bring good nutrition to your family, you care about your family. Maybe start by having everyone seeing a nutritionalist. Obtaining pamphlets from the doctors office about diet change for diabetes and chemo patients might be a good place to start. Some hospitals have nurse navigators especially for oncology patients. find out who your mom's is & try to contact her or your mom's oncologist to find out what you guys can do to adequately provide your parents will the correct information to improve their diet during a difficult time. Sometimes they may tell you that getting a chemo patient to eat anything at all is a good sign.
    For 2 wks post chemo I can barely eat let alone do much of anything for myself. So I'll usually cook a big batch of food for my fiancé that'll last about a wk & cook a few small batches of food that I might be able to stomach after chemo. That'll make sure that we have something to eat for a wk when I'm pretty much stuck to the bed or couch.
    Maybe have your parents cook big batches of food for a wk, freeze casseroles & meal prep for 1 day a wk. just throwing out ideas.
    I wish you and your family the best during his difficult time. Take care