Girlfriend was told she has stage 2 cancer

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Hello everyone I'm new on here my girlfriend was told she had cervical cancer they removed it now on chemo they have told her she has stage two lung and kidney cancer she is very scared and so am I she just found out today about the lung and kidney cancer and wants me to move on with my life thinking its what's best for me I can't leave her she my everything any advice on how or what I can say so she knows I'll never leave like most ppl in her life have done I'm very worried about her and our relationship she is 36 years old and I don't want anyone else I love her unconditionally any help would be great God bless everyone


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  • Continue to reaffirm to her that you love her. Support her. Be there for her by listening, siting next to her when she's not feeling well, and continue being a great boyfriend.
    Cancer pts often feel like a burden to their families and loved ones. So you have to continue to be there and love her even when she tells you that it'd be easier for you if you guys broke up right now.
    I have cancer and I feel like a burden on my loved one right now. I'm not used to being helpless, dependent on others. So the best thing you can do is continue by showing her that you aren't going anywhere.
  • Hi there - I was just reading about your situation and I am so sorry about her diagnosis.  Its been a few days since you posted this, where are you both at with your relationship at this time?

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