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Hello everyone my uncle was diagnosed back in 2013 with colon cancer. He had a surgery for it. Then later he also had a spot on his lung (And also had surgery for the spot on his lung). At one point he was in remission and only doing preventative chemo. In June of this year, he fainted. The doctors found 6 brain tumors. The two on the top of the head stayed (They were inoperable)  The other 4 were surgically removed. (2 on lower left side of the back of his head, and the other two where on the back right side of his head) He also did radiation for the tumors and a cyst he has on his spine. About a week and a half ago I went to visit him, and he looks so frail, sleeping a lot, and he looks likes hes 80 pounds. He cannot walk, and barely eats. His family does not want him to do hospice and they keep taking him to the oncologist appointments. They are hoping that he gains some weight and possibly do chemo trials. What is your take on this situation. To me it seems like he in the last stages of his life, and the family is pure denial.