My father was just diagnosed with lymphoma

Unfortunately, today I got the horrible news that my father has lymphoma. We learned this from a PET scan he had last week. The past 2 months he's had numerous tests including a fine needle biopsy that detected no cancer. Even the oncologist said, before we got the results, that it is highly unlikely that what my father has is cancer. For a good two weeks, we had been so happy, thinking he was healthy and fine. However, the PET scan detected cancer in his neck area, between his lungs, in his abdomen, and near his jaw. He has yet to have his first appointment so we don't know if it is hodgkins or non-hodgkins, but we suspect it is the latter since my dad is 62.
He so far has had no symptoms and feels fine. He had a mass on his neck removed last month but even then the doctors could not figure out if it was cancer. Ever since then, he feels absolutely fine. It's hard to believe my dad is sick and if he did not have the tumor on his neck none of us would've assumed there was anything wrong.
I'm only 19 and the fact that there is a possibility of losing him is almost too painful to think about. For those of you who dealt with lymphoma or have loved ones with lymphoma, how did it respond to treatment and how are you or your loved one doing now?


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    So sorry to hear about your dad. How are you doing?
  • Hey! My name is Stephenee. The good thing about having Hodgkin's Lymphoma or Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma is that it is highly curable and chemo reacts really well with it. I was diagnosed when I was 20yrs old with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, I am now 21 and about to start radiation here in the next week. So I have yet to experience that fun part of treatment but I suspect I will make it through. I had stage 3B, only reason I did not have stage 4 is because it was not in my bone marrow. I was really really ill in the beginning my body was trying it's best to kill me and almost did a few times. It was a crazy few months but I made it through although I had my doubts I would. From the sounds of it your dad is probably in the beginning and even if he isn't his body is actually fighting really good against the cancer. I don't want to scare you with what happened to me, but it sounds like your dad is a fighter and is going to kick it in it's butt with no big deal! He will probably have to have a port, or pick line placed. I have a port. It's easier access to get chemo and doesn't burn and ruin your veins in your arm. It's directly to the heart so then the heart can pump the chemo through the blood. Chemo is not fun at all, and it sucks but as long as you stay positive and you give him the best support he will make it through day by day. I believe in him, he can do this and you can do this too. It effects you as much as it does him, my father had Pancreatic Cancer stage 4 and I took care of him for a year before he passed and then 4 months later I got diagnosed. So I know both sides of the story and how it feels. Keep your head up. And take each day as a new day and just be there for him.