What's the best way to treat your scalp for radiation?

I am starting 6 1/2 weeks of radiation treatments tomorrow. My doctor said that I may or may not lose my hair with the type of radiation that I will be getting, but side effects should kick in two weeks into the treatment. People that have friends who have gone through radiation keep telling me to prep and/or treat my skin the way other's have, not taking into consideration that my scalp is covered with hair. Should I pretreat my scalp for radiation? Did anyone out there experience radiation burns before losing hair? If so, how did you treat it through your hair? I've lived with a low grade tumor for 13 years and taken Temodar three times and my tumor just converted to grade 3. I feel like I'm being diagnosed all over again, which I guess I really am. The chemo again doesn't scare me, but for some reason, the radiation terrifies me because it's always been something that we held in our back pocket as a last resort. Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. 


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  • It's hard for my husband to sit through but it's do able. I don't think he pretreated but was almost sun burned after, on his forehead. It did make him tired so clear your schedule after.

    He was first diagnosed with an oglio III almost a IV starting five years ago. He's been recently battling a glioblastoma. If you can sit though an MRI you'll be fine.

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