New to forum...looking for support for my Snickerdoodle - 2-year-old granddaughter with ALL

Hello! My granddaughter was diagnosed last April, just days after her second birthday. She has undergone intensive forms of chemo over the last several months. She stayed in hospital for 8 weeks, then began outpatient chemo at Cardinal Glennon in St Louis. What an Incredible institution! She had her first round of "the Red Devil" this week on Wednesday...from what I've been reading, I am terrified. Not only because adults can barely tolerate it, but also due to what seems to be long term affects and problems...heart failure, hip replacements and the like. Since diagnosis (and one of the reasons we took her to see the doc in the first place) she has had little to no appetite. She now is below the 1% of nation on the growth charts. Seeing this frail little angel go through this is heart wrenching to say the least...but as time has passed and remission seemed to be nearer, we were beginning to hope she would pull through and become cancer free. But after only one dance with the red devil, she has never looked worse. 3 days post treatment, she spiked a fever of 105 yesterday and is now in hospital again. I simply don't know what to think...what to do...what to ask! Just looking for anyone who may help with insight Thank you for reading & taking time for my post


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  • Hi ima teen with lymphoma and im currently on the red devil as well but i think less intensely. Try marinol (synthetic marijuana without the high) for appetite if you havent already. I eat like a pig on it! Chemos tough, but it really is worth it if she can make it thru. Iwish you and your snickerdoodle the best