Emotions after cancer treatment ends


I'm new to the site and I just recently finished cancer treatment.  I'm proud of myself, but I feel like I should be happier.  Instead, I'm feeling kind of sad and confused.  Treatment was such a huge part of my life for years, and now that it's done, I feel a little lost.  Has anyone else felt like this?  I feel like people expect me to be excited and happy, but that's not really how it is right now.  It was easier to take everything day-by-day while I was in treatment, and now that I'm out, everything I've gone through is kind of starting to hit me again.

It's a weird mix of emotions.  Just wanted to see if anyone has had any similar experiences.  


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  • Yes, it's incredibly difficult to come off treatment.  I was living my life under siege.  my life was defined by chemo, scans, check ups, etc.  I didn't have time to think about where I wanted to go with my life, I didn't even know how much of it I had left.  It was exceptionally hard but at least I knew where I had to be and what needed to be done.  Now, after most of the major treatment is done, I feel adrift.  I spent a long time trying to accept the fact that I might die that it's hard to think about what I'm going to do now that I have time to live.  Cancer is traumatic, it takes time to adjust to life outside of treatment.  Sometimes I can't comprehend the fact that I am still living.  I was so worried about dying that being alive now almost doesn't feel real.  Other people will find it diffcult to understand what you've been through.  To the people that care about you it's over, they're relieved.  For me it's not over, it's just something I have to deal with everyday.  I have to find a way to cope every single day.  Anyway I hope that this is some how helpful feel free to message me if you'd like to talk.     
  • I am still in treatment, but I felt the exact same way when I completed my extensive in hospital treatments. I went from being in the hospital for 4-6 weeks at a time to going home and trying to figure out what to do with myself. It's never really over. It's something that will be a part of you forever. It's normal to feel lost and unexcited. I have no idea how I'll feel and a part of me is scared that I will feel the same. My friends and family will be so excited, but to me it's not like everything that happened to me during my treatment just goes away. If that makes sense. I hope that helps you a little.

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  • ValVal Community Member
    When I finished treatment, I felt the same way. I ended up having a lot of anxiety attacks about what I had been through, but they eventually went away. I'm not sure you'll ever really have a feeling of pure relief having those memories and knowing cancer can come back.

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