Hoping more young people learn about radiation options

I wanted to send this out to the stupidcancer community as we are learning that some doctors aren't offering all the choices available to young people. There's regular radiation, but there's also proton therapy radiation which can help save side effects such as memory loss & secondary tumors. Proton therapy and X-ray therapy both kill cancer cells by preventing them from dividing and growing. The difference between these therapies is that protons can be controlled, depositing the greatest amount of radiation right into the tumor and then stopping, allowing patients to receive higher doses with less damage to nearby healthy tissue. I attended the ABTA conference last week and it was so hard to see so many people complain that no one even mentioned this as an option. There's only 10 centers in the USA, but there's more being built every day. Lots of people travel to get the treatment and there's foundations out there to help them make that happen. As young people, it's so important we advocate for ourselves because if we don't who does?? If I can help answer questions please message me or email me at [email]maureen.brinkman@chi.procure.com[/email] LOVE the stupidcancer community! :o