Hey, new here....Getting busy living!!

Hey, I'm kim - not sure what to do here, so here goes....I was diagnosed in 2012 at age 36 (my little girls were 2 and 5 - now 4 and 7) with stage 2b tnbc and brca 1+. Had neoadjuvant chemo (taxol and fac), bilateral mastectomy (soon to have recontruction) and total hyerstectomy.

In about 2 weeks or so we're piling up in our truck and airstream and going to travel the country. I work from home anyway (i work in IT) so as long as i have internet, i can work. Cancer really changed my perspective on things - my main goal now is making as many wonderful memories for my babies. First stop is houston (mda) to get a lump in my axilla checked out and get the ball rolling on the reconstruction. Then on to the grand canyon - not sure where after that.

Whelp, good luck to each of you. Sending + vibes your way ;)

Cancer f'n sux!!!!!

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