where to buy rick simpson oil?

hey guys, i was looking at making my own rick simpson oil to treat my mum's cancer, but it looks like it's not as easy as it looks on the video. Any where you guys know where to buy rick simpson oil in bulk at a reasonable price? thank you


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  • anyone there? anyone had much luck with hemp oil for treating cancer?
  • I don't even know how to address this post. The questions you are asking are baiting people into providing medical advice without a license, which is illegal.

    you will find that most people here have had their cancer treated with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, or some combination thereof. Those in states that permit medicinal marijuana and who have used it, have done so for palliative reasons, not to directly kill cancer cells. Furthermore, most on this site do not live somewhere that medicinal marijuana is legal, and would be unlikely to have any clue about what you're asking. Asking once was enough. That nobody had an answer for you in 5 days is not surprising because this site doesn't get a ton of traffic.

    Additionally, "cancer" is not one disease. It's a broad term used to describe many diseases with many pathways and many effects on the body, and efforts are underway to restrict the definition more to reduce overtreatment of conditions that do not warrant aggressive treatments. The only commonality among cancers is that they are uncontrolled proliferations of cells, which is not a cause, symptom, or a process unto itself. It's more like a common result and depending on which cells are proliferating, will have different effects on the body and different effective treatments.