How do your anti-nausea drugs help after chemo?

So I recently finished my first week of inpatient BEP chemo. It wasn't too terrible, I lost my appetite about half way through the week and wasn't drinking that much. I figured once I was home and not hooked up to constant fluids I would be back to myself in no time. Except I still wasn't drinking or eating, and got myself so thoroughly dehydrated that I couldn't even keep the anti-nausea meds down. Went back on Monday and was re-hydrated and given IV anti-nausea meds and steroids to get me back on track, with different pills to try at home. Now that I have gone through that learning curve and realize that the nauseousness from chemo is a totally different thing than a motion-sickness type feeling, it's something I definitely want to avoid, but without over-medicating myself with all these anti-nausea drugs! Obviously as soon as I lose interest in food I know I need meds, but when do you stop taking them? Do you just need one to get you back on track? Or a couple days in a row to wait out the effects of the chemo? I'm not looking for scientific proof here, just curious as to what has worked and not worked for those who have gone through this.


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  • hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    I got most of my chemo as an inpatient. Consequently, I was hooked up to IV fluids almost constantly for most of a week each time. I also got IV Zofran for the days I was there. I didn't need to take my backup anti-nausea pills once I'd left the hospital.

    I got some chemo as an outpatient. I wasn't given any Zofran, which sucked, but I also only got a little bit of IV fluids while I was there. I noticed afterwards that I really wasn't drinking nearly as much (as evidenced by the frequency of my visits to the bathroom). From what I have been able to tell, if you really hydrate well (helps to flush the chemo drugs), you won't need to take as much anti-nausea medicine. Pretty much I think that means you need to carry a water bottle 24/7 or wear a Camelbak. Part of the reason I didn't drink as much was because I'd leave my water bottle in another room and forget about it.