Novocure TTF Device

Hello fellow BC victims! I just got approved for the Novocure + TMZ clinical trial for newly diagnosed GBM, and was randomized to receive treatment due to start next Tuesday:

I'm seeking information for what to expect from the device in terms of life changes due to the device. From what I can see, I'll be carrying around a battery pack and some other equipment with me at all times. I get a maximum of 2 1-hour blocks of time every day when I can take off the device to do certain activities which would require me to have the device off (this was very vague.. I imagine once for showering at least). So my questions are: does anyone out there use this device? How has using the device changed your life? Are you inhibited in doing things you enjoy (I bike everywhere, but am worried that the device might make biking difficult)? How do you spend your time when the device is off?

Thanks in advance! So far, the information I've been finding has been very vague... But the results of the earlier clinical trials using the device as a monotherapy looked good, so I decided to dive in.

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