Novocure+TMZ 4 N-D GBM

Yeaaa I've been approved for the Novocure+TMZ clinical trial for newly diagnosed GBM and I am randomized to receive treatment.

I've been wearing the device for a few days now, and am adapting to it quite well. Some things about it are already showing to be a pain, such as the constant heat coming from the bag, the low 2-3 hour battery life, the size of everything, and the difficult-to-transport battery charger. Hoping for a next gen TTF device in the next year or so. Maybe one day they'll figure out a way to turn it into an app? One can dream... I do like that Novocure gave me two of everything, so I can have a permanent device next to my bed so I don't need to constantly take it out/put it back into the pack. Being able to plug the pack into the wall makes good sense too, and I do it every chance I get.

Anyways, alongside the fact that I just discovered what being "positive for the IDH1 mutant" means, and the already promising results of Novocure-TTF used as a monotherapy, I'm optimistic about the future for the first time since diagnosis. I still have an aggressive and infiltrative cancer in my brain, but I'm grateful to have the idea that the situation isn't 100% hopeless...

Guess my main worry right now is that I have a flight booked to visit a friend in a month or so. It's a short flight but I guess I need to bring everything which could be a pain, and Security will most likely give me a hard time. Has anyone used this or other devices while flying, and have any tips for dealing with traveling with the device and dealing with airport security?

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