Hey! Does anyone want to share their experience with me?

My name is Wen, I'm a graduate student studying MFA Design for Social Innovation at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I'm currently working on my thesis project about supporting U.S. cancer patients especially for people who are diagnosed with cancer while they were a student or employed, and helping them with starting a conversation about their diagnosis with people at work or school. My challenge now is trying to understand how patients feel at that moment, what is the real need and how can I provide the appropriate support.  
I was wondering if there is any chance that some of you would like to talk and share with me your story and experience? All interviews will be confidential and I will follow up with updates of my project with all participants. I would greatly appreciate any leads! Thank you!
Email address: wtang4@sva.eduPersonal website: https://wen-tang-zluy.squarespace.com/blog/


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  • I started a blog a long time ago about my still on going experience.  Feel free to take a look.  caseydestroyscancer.com  If you would like I would be open to speaking.  Just let me know.
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    I, as well, made a blog. It is on caring bridge and kept my family and friends updated on what was going on and sometimes just how I felt. I would be happy to share this or answer any questions. My e-mail is Ldgray419@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  • Hi! You are doing very serious thesis project, good luck with that! I am going to type my essay about cancer and further turn it into research paper with statistics. When I was looking for certain information in google I was redirected to this page. I have just popped in to your blog and I see you seriously work on your thesis. I will track your posts. Your work is a motivation for me to write my own research. Did you select the topic for your research paper yourself? If I find some interesting story, feelings and experience of people affected by cancer, I will share it for your project.